Is independent publishing for you? Find out as we talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of indie publishing.

But first, some background:

  • I am an indie author.
  • Worked with some very successful and profitable indie authors over the last 10 years.
  • Also worked with a lot of indie authors who were frustrated and disillusioned.  
  • Bottom line: I am not a partisan in the indie vs trad battle. I see good and bad in both.

Pros of Indie Publishing

  • No gatekeeper to block you.
  • You have complete control.
  • You can make $2-$10 per book
  • You have all the marketing data.
  • Advertising
  • Fast

Cons of Indie Publishing

  • Expensive (If you have a big enough platform, you can crowdfund)
  • You have to find professionals to work with on your own.
  • You Have a Lot More to Learn
  • No Gatekeeper to tell you the book is not ready.
  • No Placement in Physical Bookstores
  • Not eligible for most awards.
  • Not eligible for most bestseller lists.

Bottom Line

  • Better for genre fiction.
  • Better for niche nonfiction. Most speakers do better with self-publishing.
  • Better for entrepreneurial authors
  • Better for fast writers

CWI Indie Publishing Bundle

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  • The SMART Indie: Copywriting (2 hours)
  • The SMART Indie: Technical how-to’s (>1 hour)
  • The SMART Indie: Subsidiary Rights (1 hour)

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