Chris Fox has published over 20 novels, and has a series of non-fiction books that teach writers how to duplicate his success.

  • What is advertising? How is it different from marketing?
  • What are the biggest mistakes authors make when buying ads?
  • Why is advertising so effective?
  • Let’s talk about Facebook ads. How can traditionally-published authors use Facebook ads to grow their lists?
  • What does it mean to Write to Market?
  • Amazon ads are all the rage right now. Do they still work? What kind of results have you seen?
  • What is a BookBub?
  • Let’s talk about the webinar.

Sponsor: The SMART Self-Publishing Bundle

It’s easy to publish an ebook. It’s difficult to be a successful indie author. In this course, you’ll learn core concepts to create your best book, package it like a pro, and publish it. At the same time, you need to find readers. Where do they congregate? What do they want? How do you meet them? You can spend months reading self-publishing books and scouring discussion groups for tips. Or you can go through this self-paced course, start strong, and be a success from the start.

This course bundle includes:

  • How to Get Published  
  • The SMART Indie: Publishing Basics  
  • The SMART Indie: Find your readers  
  • The SMART Indie: Newsletter Marketing
  • The SMART Indie: Copywriting  
  • The SMART Indie: Technical how-to’s
  • The SMART Indie: Subsidiary Rights

Individually, the courses would cost $140. But as a bundle, they cost only $49. And you can save an additional 10% by using the coupon code “podcast” or activate it by using this link.