How can authors overcome burnout and discouragement? How can writing be restful and encouraging? These questions and more are what we will be discussing on this episode of the Christian Publishing Show.

Joining me today is:

  • Karen Ball is a best-selling author, professional editor and speaker
  • Erin Taylor Young: an award-winning author, writing teacher, and speaker.

They both host the Write from the Deep Podcast a podcast that encourages, refreshes, and equips Christian writers.

Erin, Karin, welcome to the Christian Publishing Show!

  • Why is writing so hard emotionally?
  • Why do authors get burned out?
  • How do authors overcome burnout?
  • Ok, let’s talk briefly about exhaustion. How can authors write from a place of rest?
  • Let’s talk about discouragement. Why is writing so discouraging?
  • How do authors overcome discouragement?
  • What does it mean to write from the deep?  

Now you both have a new course on the Christian Writers Institute, tell us about that.


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