This episode comes with a trigger warning. We are going to talk about social media, politics, culture, and what to do as a Christian author in a world that is growing more hostile to Christian authors.

If you don’t want to hear about that today, I can recommend a great podcast called Compelled, hosted by my friend Paul Hastings. Compelled takes incredible stories of what God is doing in people’s lives, combines them with professional sound effects and music, and turns them into an encouraging and faith-building audio experience.

Travel deep into the jungles of the Philippines with a Christian missionary who was kidnapped by terrorists and held hostage for a year. Hear the testimony of a mother who was falsely accused of murder and sentenced to life in prison but still clung to her faith. And more. 

Every story is true, vivid, and told by the person who lived it and saw God work through it.

Listen now to Compelled wherever you find podcasts or by visiting Who knows? You might just find the inspiration for your next book from one of these compelling stories.

And now back to today’s podcast …

In a Christian Publishing Show episode in 2019 about how How to Protect Your Author Platform from Big Tech Censorship, one listener reached out to me. She told me she rolled her eyes while listening to me talk in that episode about how Pinterest is targeting Christians–only to have her Pinterest account deleted the next week. 

In 2020 I did a crossover episode called How to Survive Cancel Culture As a Writer before the big purge and flight from social media in December 2020 and January 2021. While some evangelicals are getting kicked off of Twitter and Facebook, many more are leaving these social-media accounts in protest.

I started a MeWe group for my other podcast, Novel Marketing; and I have seen growth in that group unlike anything I ever experienced on Facebook. If you don’t know, MeWe is a social-media site much like Facebook that people are joining. It doesn’t sell advertising, doesn’t filter what you see and don’t see, and doesn’t share your data with shady data brokers. All of which Facebook and Twitter do, by the way.  

So how should we respond to this quickly changing world? As Christians, what should our relationship be to social media and the culture in general?

To help us answer this question, I will be talking with Scott Minor, co-owner and executive director of Realm Makers Media, a company devoted to supporting Christian creativity in the genres of fantasy and science fiction.

Scott, welcome to the Christian Publishing Show!

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