I have a couple of big announcements.

If you have been wondering why there hasn’t been a new episode in a few weeks I have a good reason. 

Announcement #1: New Baby!

We just had a baby! Jack Umstattd was born on December 23rd weighing 9 pounds 10 ounces. Both he and my wife are tired from a long delivery but doing well overall. For those keeping score at home, we now have three children. Mercy who is 3, Tommy who is 2, and baby Jack. 

Announcement #2: Big Changes Coming for the Christian Publishing Show

Steve Laube and I will be making an important announcement about the future of the Christian Publishing Show at a live event next week

Immediately following the announcement, Steve and I will host one of our popular Q&A Webinars.

Announcement #3: Live Q&A Webinar With Steve Laube

After the announcement, we will answer your questions. If you have never come to one of these Q&A sessions, you really should. They are a lot of fun, especially for those who attend live as we have fun in the chat. 

Plus, Steve Laube is a wealth of knowledge; and he only does events like this a handful of times a year. 

We do a live Q&A event a few times a year and they are generally a big hit. 

Webinar Info:

  • What: Webinar & Live Q&A
  • When: Wednesday, Jan 12, at 4 pm Central Time (Convert Timezone)
  • Cost: Free!
  • Registration: Registration Link
  • Replay? Yes! Everyone who registers will be sent a link to the replay. 

That is it for the announcements. Happy New Year!