A strong book launch is the key to success for most best-selling books. But how do you launch strongly if you are not already famous? One tool is email. Email is one of the most effective tools for launching a book.

One of the things I teach in my course, the Book Launch Blueprint, is to build your email list long before your launch. People ask when they should start preparing for their book launch, and the answer is like the response to when you should plant a tree. The best time was five years ago; the second-best time is today. But you don’t always need a massive email list to have a successful launch.

Our guest today is a Christy award-winning novelist who’s known all around the world for his Snowflake Method of Designing a Novel. He recently launched a new novel with a relatively small email list, and his book shot to the top of the list as a #1 new release and as an Amazon category bestseller.

#1 new release and category bestseller are the goals of most launches; and he’s willing to spill all his secrets. Including things that went wrong.

In this episode, we not only talk about author branding, we also talk about how to launch a book even if you have a small email list.


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