We have a special guest today to help you prepare a one-sheet for your next conference like a pro.

She is an agent with Books & Such Literary Management, representing fiction and nonfiction. Having worked in publishing since 1995, she has been on the inside of two publishing houses in sales, marketing, and editorial. She’s been an agent for 12 years and currently represents an impressive list of 75 bestselling and award-winning authors, in addition to coaching un-agented authors and teaching in her online course, AuthorSchool.com.

Rachelle Gardner welcome to the Christian Publishing Show!


Sponsor: Christian Writers Institute

The Course of the Week: Tax & Business Guide for Authors

In the course you will:

  1. Learn whether or not you qualify for tax deductions for your writing-related expenses (not all writers qualify). You will also find out about the 9 factors the IRS uses to determine if someone is a professional author.
  2. Receive an indie business plan template. Learn how to easily create a business plan for your independent publishing business.
  3. Learn about a simple tool that will help you make more money as an author while helping make you become more audit-proof.
  4. Learn how to start making a writing income even before your first book comes out. Making extra money helps you qualify for tax deductions!
  5. Learn whether or not you need to form an LLC. We will also share a cheap and easy way to form an LLC when the time comes.
  6. Learn about 19 different tax deductions authors can take advantage of.
  7. Learn how to reduce your chances of being audited by the IRS.
  8. Learn how to avoid common mistakes that often get authors in trouble with the IRS.
  9. Tax court cases for your CPA.  

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