Show Notes

The biggest competition for authors is not other books. It’s movies. Movies often have scores of writers working together, and most people hungry for story prefer to watch a movie in the evening than read a book. Even many authors have subscriptions to Netflix. 

The most popular books borrow writing techniques from Hollywood. If you want your book to be popular in the 2020s, you need to do the same. 

Our guest today is probably best known for her first novel, A Vow to Cherish (affiliate link), the inspiration for the award-winning film of the same title. She has written more than 35 books for imprints of Random House, Simon & Schuster, and HarperCollins, among others. 

She has sold two movie options this year for the Camfield Legacy series; and the rights to the first book, Beneath a Southern Sky, have been contracted by actress-producer Francine Locke of ElFilm Productions, pending the beginning of principal photography. In addition, just this past week, a screenplay of her novel The Face of the Earth, written by Maria Lennon, was pegged for official selection in the screenplay category at the International Christian Film & Music Festival in Orlando, Florida.


Sponsor: Christian Writers Institute

The Course of the Week: Beyond Mediocrity by Cec Murphey

Using Jesus as an example, author Cec Murphey encourages the writer who is a Christian to honor God by reaching beyond mediocrity in their writing. By working hard, studying the craft, and persevering, Murphey exhorts those writing for the Christian marketplace to produce their best possible work.

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