Teaser: Creativity is a key ingredient for every successful book, but how do we become more creative, and what are we doing that may be inhibiting our creativity? Many people feel they have lost their creativity— is there a way to get it back? To help answer these questions, today we will be talking with Jenny Randle, the author of Courageous Creative: A 31-Day Interactive Devotional (affiliate link).  

Over 14-plus years, Jenny has used her graphic design, editing, art directing, and leadership ninja skills to collaborate with some of the biggest studios, companies, and ministries around the nation.

Jenny, welcome to the Christian Publishing Show!


What is creativity?

Where does creativity come from?

Why do we get less creative over time?

What sorts of things do authors do that inhibit their creativity?

How can we become more creative?  

Any tips for overcoming writer’s block?

Tell us about the Courageous Creative.


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