About Steve Laube

Steve Laube, president and founder of The Steve Laube Agency, a veteran of the bookselling industry with nearly 40 years of experience. In the 80s he was a bookstore manager. He then spent over a decade with Bethany House Publishers as an editor. Fifteen years ago he became an agent where he and his agency have represented over 1,500 new books and Steve was named Agent of the Year by ACFW.


  • What is a book proposal?
  • Why do agents and editors prefer book proposals to manuscripts?
  • Quickly, what does a book proposal contain?
  • What do you look for specifically in book proposals?
  • What are some common book proposal mistakes?

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The course we would like to feature today is The Elements of an Effective Book Proposal by Steve Laube:

  • One hour presentation by Steve Laube about what you need to include in your proposal to make it irresistible to agents and editors.
  • Sample Proposal Templates,
  • a Proposal Checklist, and more

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