Welcome to the first episode of the Christian Publishing Show brought to you by the Steve Laube Agency! I’m your host, Thomas Umstattd Jr.

This episode is a teaser for the show to come. Think of it like John the Baptist, it is not the show, it is pointing you toward the show to come.

In later episodes, we will talk about everything Christian Publishing, from how to craft an amazing book, to getting and agent, finding a publisher and how to launch and promote your book. We will be talking about how to grow your career and change the world in the process.

This podcast is meant to be a companion to the Steve Laube blog. We will have Steve on the show from time to time as well as other Steve Laube literary agents. We will also talk with editors at some of the top Christian Publishing Houses as well as interviews with authors at all stages of the writing journey.

New episodes will post to ChristianPublishingShow.com and to SteveLaube.com.

But What *is* a Podcast?

Podcasts are more than just audio on the internet. What makes a podcast a podcast is the ability to subscribe to a show so that new episodes download automatically to your phone.  

Back when I was a kid we would subscribe to podcasts on iPods, that is where the “pod” in podcast comes from. Podcasting is not a new thing, it’s actually older than Facebook. I started my first podcast 10 years ago.

So why listen to podcasts rather than reading blogs?

  • Good podcasts combine the depth of a book, with the timeliness of a blog.
  • You can listen to podcasts while driving, cleaning and working out.
  • Some of the best content on the web is only accessible in podcast form.

From a technical perspective, a podcast is a blog post with an MP3 attached. It uses a technology called RSS. The nice thing nowadays is that you don’t need to understand RSS to subscribe to a podcast.

All you need to know is which app to use.

I recommend:

Both Castbox and Overcast allow you to stream your podcasts so they don’t take up space on your phone.

The beautiful thing about podcasting is that there is no middle man, podcasters can choose exactly what to create and subscribers can choose exactly who they want to listen to.

So I encourage you to subscribe to the Christian Publishing Show.