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Christian Publishing Show
Thomas Umstattd Jr.

The Christian Publishing Show is a podcast to help Christian authors change the world. We talk about how to improve in the craft of writing, how to get published, and how to market effectively. Get expert advice from industry insiders. Hosted by Thomas Umstattd Jr.

The 2023 Book Launch Blueprint

Thirty days. That’s all you’ve got. Do it wrong, and you’re toast. Do it right, and it’s crème brûlée that will last for months, maybe even years.  What 30 days are we talking about? The first 30 days after you make your book available to the world.  During...

What would you do with two extra hours every day?

What would you do with two extra hours every day? Have lunch with a friend?Pick up a 10-hour-per-week, part-time job?Exercise?Read?Pray?Begin learning a new language?Write a book? Today, I’m sharing an episode from another podcast because it is relevant and important...