Have you ever been frustrated while looking for an agent or editor? In today’s episode, we are going to talk about where to find good editors and agents using the Christian Writers Market Guide.

I am joined today by Steve Laube, the president and founder of The Steve Laube Agency and a veteran of the bookselling industry with nearly 40 years of experience. He and his agency have represented over 1,500 new books and Steve was named Agent of the Year by ACFW.

Steve, welcome to the Christian Publishing Show!


  • Why are agents and editors so hard to find for many authors?
  • Does knowing about the publishing company ahead of time give your proposal a higher chance for success?

Let’s go through each section of the guide:

Section 1: Book Publishers

Section 2: Independent Book Publishers

  • Independent Book Publishers
  • Design and Production Services
  • Distributions Services

Section 3: Periodical Publishers

Section 4: Specialty Markets

  • Daily Devotional Booklets and Websites
  • Drama
  • Greeting Cards and Gifts
  • Tracts
  • Bible Curriculum

Section 5: Support for Writers

  • Agents  (often with tips by the agents themselves on how to get accepted)
  • Writers’ Conferences
  • Writers’ Groups
  • Editorial Services
  • Publicity and Marketing Services
  • Legal and Accounting Services
  • Speaking Services
  • Contests

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