Is email still relevant in the world of social media? If so how do you grow an email list and use it effectively? These questions and more we will be discussing with Evan Gow.

Evan Gow is the founder of StoryOrigin, a community where you can meet other authors and set up cross-promotions to sell more books or build your mailing list.  


  • Is email still relevant in 2019?
  • Why do authors struggle to grow their email lists?
  • What tips do you have for authors who want to attract more email subscribers?
  • What mistakes do authors make with email marketing?
  • What tips do you have for making emails interesting?
  • What is a newsletter swap?
  • How can authors use Story Origin to build their email lists?


  • What kind of microphone/headset do you plan to use?: Blue Yeti mic – probably wireless headphones