How do young writers become published authors? Why is it so hard for young writers to publish and what can they do to overcome those obstacles? These questions and more are what we will be talking about in today’s episode.

Joining us today is Brett Harris who published two bestselling books as a young person and today is a mentor to many of the world’s top young writers and authors.

Brett, welcome to the Christian Publishing Show!


  • Look at any list of authors, bestsellers, award winners, whatever and most of the authors on the list are older, why is that?
  • What kind of challenges do young writers face?
  • What was your secret to success as an author?
  • Should young writers go to college and major in writing?
  • What mistakes do young writers make that hurt thier publishing prospects?
  • Where should teenagers who want to become authors get started?
  • How do young people become better writers?
  • Where can people find out more about you?

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