Today we are going to talk about one of my favorite topics, data!

Alex Newton, the CEO and Founder of a leading market research resource for authors and publishers or put in terms we care about his company and expertise helps authors sell more books, face less competition, and get a bigger return on the time and money that put into their careers.

He’s based in Germany and  he has 20 years of worldwide consulting experience, has focused for the past four years on Amazon and ebooks, and has the unique ability to translate complex data into ways that the average writer can understand … and how to take action on that data.

Alex, great to have you on the show!


  • K-… what? For those who do not know, what does the word “K-lytics” actually stand for?
  • Let’s start out by talking a little bit about what K-Lytics does for authors. What’s the essence of what you guys provide? What mission to you pursue with it?
  • What do you think are the most important facts that every author should know about Amazon and the Kindle platform in particular?
  • What are some of the trends you’ve seen over the past year in Christian Fiction?
  • What categories are hot right now in Christian Fiction?
  • Which categories are cooling off in terms of sales?
  • Which Christian Fiction categories are the easiest to break into right now?
  • Where can people find more info about your report?


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